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Salon published an article which explains the current move to make this country a theocracy. Read the article, Onward, Christian soldiers: Right-wing religious nationalists launch dramatic new power play     Evangelical extremists mount “Project Blitz,” a covert campaign to re-create a Christian America that never existed

Here are a few quotes from the article:

“…a coalition of Christian right groups — including the Congressional Prayer Caucus FoundationWallbuilders, the National Legal Foundation and others — have organized a major legislative initiative called “Project Blitz.” Its goal is to pass an outwardly diverse but internally cohesive package of Christian-right bills at the state level, whose cumulative impact would be immense.”

“Among the ways they are seeking to implement ‘biblical values,'” Clarkson continued, “is by seeking religious exemptions from civil rights laws and professional licensing standards.” The two-tiered society this would create reflects the essence of Christian nationalism, as Whitehead describes it.”

“It starts simply with a display of the motto “In God We Trust,” a Cold War replacement for “e pluribus unum” — out of many, one — which better reflects America’s pragmatic, pluralist foundations. “

Florida has started down this path with requiring the posting of the state motto, “In God we Trust”, in all school buildings. Here are the designs we are offering free to each school district in the state of Florida.





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